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Tux the Penguin
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Supported Platforms

Linux/i386 architecture Yes
FreeBSD/i386 architecture Yes
NetBSD/i386 architecture Yes
OpenBSD/i386 architecture Probably (we need someone to verify this)
Due to the dynamic recompilation of 6502 opcodes, TuxNES currently only supports the i386 CPU architecture. If you have an intimate knowledge of another architecture's opcodes, the TuxNES Team would appreciate if you could write a translation table for that architecture.

Similarly, if you can make TuxNES run on another i386 flavor of Unix (such as Solaris/x86) please let the team know.

General Features

CPU overclocking Yes
Built-in disassember Yes
NTSC support Yes
PAL support Not yet
Joystick support Yes
Joystick remapping Yes
Multi-player support (single computer) Yes
Multi-player support (network) Not yet
Game Genie support Experimental
Light Gun emulation Not yet
R.O.B. emulation Not yet
Battery saving Yes
Load Nesticle .STA save state files Not yet
Load and save Standard NES Save State (SNSS) files Not yet
Screen captures Yes
Trainer support Yes
Multiple palettes Yes
VS UniSystem emulation Experimental
Famicom Disk System emulation Not yet
iNES file format support Yes
FDS file format support Not yet
IPS file format support Not yet
Read gzip files Yes
Read ZIP files Yes
Interactive debugger Not yet
Sound channel 1 (square wave 1) Yes
Sound channel 2 (square wave 2) Yes
Sound channel 3 (triangle wave) Yes
Sound channel 4 (noise) Yes
Sound channel 5 (DPCM) Yes
Some kind of GUI Yes
X11 rendering Yes
X11 shared memory pixmap rendering Yes
GGI rendering Yes
W Window System rendering Yes

Mapper Support

0 No mapper All 16kB/32kB ROM + 8kB VROM games Yes
1 Nintendo MMC1 The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Rad Racer, Megaman 2, & lots of others Yes
2 UNROM Castlevania, Life Force, many games hacked for use with FFE copier Yes
3 CNROM Gradius, Adventure Island, Cybernoid, many Japanese games Yes
4 Nintendo MMC3 Crystalis, Megaman 3..6, Super Mario Bros.2 and 3, & many others Yes
5 Nintendo MMC5 Castlevania III, and a few others Not yet
6 FFE F4xxx F4xxx games off FFE CDROM Not yet
7 AOROM (32KB ROM switch) Games by Rare Ltd. such as Wizards & Warriors, Solstice, etc. Yes
8 FFE F3xxx F3xxx games off FFE CDROM Not yet
9 Nintendo MMC2 [Mike Tyson's] Punchout!! Yes
10 Nintendo MMC4 Japanese games such as Fire Emblem and Family War Yes
11 Color Dreams Games by Color Dreams such as Crystal Mines, Tagin Dragon, etc.; also includes Wisdom Tree bible games such as Joshua and King of Kings Yes
12 FFE F6xxx F6xxx games off FFE CDROM Not yet
13 CPROM Videomation Experimental
15 100-in-1 100-in-1 cartridge Experimental
16 Bandai chip Japanese DragonBall Z series and Gundam Knight series Not yet
17 FFE F8xxx F8xxx games off FFE CDROM Not yet
18 Jaleco SS8806 Japanese Baseball 3 Not yet
19 Namcot 106 chip Japanese Splatterhouse, Family Stadium '90, etc. Experimental
21 Konami VRC4 Japanese Wai Wai World 2, Gradius 2, etc. Not yet
22 Konami VRC2 type A Japanese TwinBee 3 Experimental
23 Konami VRC2 type B Japanese Contra, etc. Experimental
24 Konami VRC6 Japanese Castlevania III Not yet
32 Irem G-101 chip Japanese Image Fight Yes
33 Taito TC0190/TC0350 Japanese Power Blazer, Pon Poko Pon Yes
34 Nina-1 Impossible Mission 2 and Deadly Towers Not yet
64 Tengen Rambo-1 Tengen Games such as Shinobi, Klax, Skull & Crossbones Experimental
65 Irem H-3001 Japanese Daiku no Gensan 2 Not yet
66 GNROM Gumshoe, Dragon Power, DragonBall (Japanese) Yes
68 Sunsoft Mapper #4 Japanese Afterburner II Experimental
69 Sunsoft FME-7 Batman: Return of the Joker Not yet
71 Camerica Camerica games such as Firehawk and Linus Spacehead Experimental
78 Irem 74HC161/32 Holy Diver Yes
79 NINA-06 Deathbots and Mermaids of Atlantis Not yet
99 VS UniSystem VS Super Mario Bros. & VS Ice Climber Yes
225 SuperVision 58-in-1, 110-in-1, 52 Games cartridges Not yet
227 1200-in-1 1200-in-1 cartridge Not yet
228 Action 52 Action 52 Not yet
229 31-in-1 31-in-1 cartridge Not yet
230 22-in-1 22-in-1 cartridge Not yet
231 NINA-07 Wally Bear and the NO! Gang Yes
232 Quattro Quattro [Adventure | Arcade | Sports] Not yet
233 42-in-1 42-in-1 cartridge Not yet

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